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Looking for personable, professional, and comprehensive vet care near Surrey Hills. Veterinarian Dr Andrea Kimbler always delivers vet services with compassion and skill.

At our Hawthorn East-based animal hospital, we are dedicated to providing excellent services for pets near Burnley, Camberwell, and Glen Iris areas.

We guarantee your peace of mind as a pet owner while supporting the health of your furry friend. With us, you don’t need to stress.

Home Visits

Animal Hospital Surrey Hills

Your pet’s health is our primary concern. From regular health check-ups and comprehensive dental care to holistic therapies like animal acupuncture, we ensure our furry clients receive the best.

Our preventive health care and annual vaccinations are essential to our services, ensuring that your pet is protected against common illnesses and diseases.

Did you know August is Dental Health Month at 313Vets? We don't just provide dental checkups and cleanings at our animal hospital, but we also give free dental health examinations during this special month to ensure your pet's oral health is not neglected.

Animal Hospital Near Surrey Hills – Advanced Surgical and Diagnostic Services

If your pet needs more than preventive care and check-ups, we offer surgical procedures performed by our highly trained team using the latest techniques.

Our in-house pathology, ultrasound, and x-ray facilities create quick and precise diagnoses, minimising your pet's discomfort and supporting a fast treatment. We are also equipped for complex procedures, ensuring your pet gets the best possible surgical care.

Why Choose 313Vets For Vet Near Surrey Hills?

Why should you choose us in comparison to other vets near Surrey Hills? Here are a few reasons why 313Vets should be your first choice:

  • Sensitive and stress-free environment for your pets.
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of veterinarians.
  • Home visits for comfortable, in-environment care.
  • Active participation in environmentally positive initiatives.
  • Strong community presence, partnering with animal rescue groups.

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Ready to experience the best pet care near Surrey Hills? Contact us at (03) 9813 4755 or book your appointment online today.

We’re committed to providing the best care and the love, warmth, and attention your pet deserves at our animal hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vet Surrey Hills in Animal Hospital Near Surrey Hills

We provide various services and treatments such as regular health check-ups, comprehensive dental care, holistic therapies like animal acupuncture, surgical procedures, and preventive care such as parasite control and annual vaccinations.

At 313Vets, we prioritise your pet's dental health. During August, known as Dental Health Month, we even offer free dental health examinations to ensure your pet's oral health is not neglected.

Our animal hospital near Surrey Hills is equipped with in-house pathology, ultrasound, and x-ray facilities to ensure quick and precise diagnoses. We offer a range of surgical procedures our highly trained team performs using the latest techniques.

Regular feeding, exercise, and home dental care are vital aspects of pet care we guide pet owners on. Regular veterinary visits are crucial to detect potential health issues before they become significant problems.

At 313Vets, we provide a sensitive and stress-free environment for your pet. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and we offer home visits for comfortable, in-environment care. We also actively participate in environmentally positive initiatives and have a strong community presence. Your pet will get the best care, love, warmth, and attention they deserve at our animal hospital.

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