Personal Training Notes Maxims:  Stop  Wait  Steady

  • 1 Prevention is better than cure
  • 2 For every time you get it wrong, you need to get it right 10x to get back to where you started (2=20 3=30 etc)


  • 1 Confer trust ..........loose check chain, big links touching
  • 2 Obtain and earn respect. ...A very quick check and then good girl (0r boy). .....Make time to be a fun person and initiate positive interaction rather than letting your dog/cat nag you and whine for it
  • 3 Never ever pull your dog around.....get their attention and then ask them to do what you want (use your words as they said in Kinder)
  • 4 Speaking nicely is always better than yelling (but speak firmly. You are not making a suggestion. You are saying Let’s do this please)
  • 5 Rules: some rules are forever and immutable eg heel crossing road. eg come means all the way in to your knees and look at owner. Other rules you may not want to follow 100% eg allowed on couch to watch TV but not if covered in mud. Principle is by invitation only. Remember: anything you dot not like is just like playing football in the house. It is not necessary. And it can be changed (even in an older dog)
  • 6 The beautiful giving of nothing
  • 7 Lose no ground (stand on lead)

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