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Are you looking for an animal hospital near Richmond that you can trust to support your furry friend? At 313Vets, veterinarian Dr Andrea Kimbler always delivers vet services with compassion and professionalism.

Offering everything from regular pet health check-ups to advanced surgical procedures, we are dedicated to improving your pet's health and quality of life.

Whatever your concerns, we happily welcome all clients to our clinic.

Ultrasound, X-ray & In House Pathology

Animal Hospital Richmond

At 313Vets, our offerings aren't just limited to regular health checks and surgeries.

Our modern hospital care facilities provide the perfect environment for pets who need care while recovering from surgeries or illness. We also provide compassionate palliative care for older pets, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible.

Services like spaying, neutering/desexing, and parasite control play a vital role in maintaining your pet's health. Prevent various health issues and contribute to controlling pet overpopulation with an animal hospital that prioritises quality care.

Premier Vet Services in Richmond

At 313Vets, we understand how deeply you value your pet's health and happiness. That's why we offer diverse services supporting your pet's health.

Through our pet healthcare program, we administer annual vaccinations and conduct routine health examinations. By catching potential issues early, we help ensure your pet enjoys a lifetime of happiness and health.

We employ the most advanced surgical techniques, providing your pet with safe and secure treatment options.

Why Choose 313Vets For Vet Near Richmond?

Why does our veterinary clinic stand out when deciding on a reliable animal hospital near Richmond?

  • We ensure a fear-free, stress-free environment for your pet so they are always comfortable.

  • Our veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced.

  • We offer home visits to make your pet’s treatment as comfortable as possible.

  • Our partnership with VFCA (Vets For Climate Action) reflects our environmental and community welfare dedication.

  • We support animal rescue initiatives, working with several animal rescue groups.

Vet Hospital Near Richmond – Contact Us Today

Ready for top-rated veterinary care when you need it most? We pride ourselves in our professionalism and commitment to providing quality top-rated, trusted, veterinary care.

Call us on 03 9813 4755 today and let us give your pet the best care they deserve. With 313Vets, your pet’s health and happiness matter to us.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vet Near Richmond

As a leading vet near Richmond, 313Vets offers a wide range of services, including comprehensive pet health care, advanced surgical procedures, comprehensive dental care, Acupuncture, hospital and palliative care and preventative services such as spaying, neutering/desexing, and parasite control.

The highly skilled veterinarians at 313Vets perform various complex surgical procedures using the most advanced surgical techniques. This ensures your pet receives secure and the highest level of care.

Absolutely, 313Vets has in-house pathology, ultrasound, and x-ray facilities, providing quick and precise diagnoses for your pet. You receive a diagnosis for your pet that is efficient and convenient.

At 313Vets, your pet's health and wellbeing is their top priority. We ensure a fear-free, stress-free environment, offer home visits for comfortable treatment, and have a partnership with VFCA (Vets For Climate Action) reflecting their commitment to community welfare.

To book an appointment at our vet Hospital near Richmond, call (03) 9813 4755 or use their online booking service. Our experienced team is always ready to care for your beloved pets with dedication and expertise.

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