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Are you worried about your furry friend? Our skilled veterinarians and nurses are always here to help.

As a trusted animal health care provider near Collingwood. Conveniently located in Hawthorn East, we provide comprehensive veterinary services to pet owners near Hawthorn, Burnley, Richmond and surrounding suburbs.

Veterinarian Dr Andrea Kimbler always delivers vet services with compassion, supporting each pet's health needs. After all, our doors are always open for our clients.

Ultrasound, X-ray & In House Pathology

Animal Hospital Collingwood

Whether your pet requires preventative healthcare or complex surgical procedures, Dr Andrea has the skills and expertise to help.

With a comprehensive approach to acute and chronic medical conditions, we prioritise early detection and efficient treatment strategies. Expect excellent hospital care for pets with access to soft beds and intravenous fluids.

Vet Near Collingwood – Comprehensive Range of Services

If your pet has unexplained pain or a broken bone, 313Vets provides an extensive selection of veterinary services, covering routine health checks, vaccinations, dental care, surgery, and more.

Understanding the role of good dental health in overall wellness, we provide dental services — from regular check-ups and cleanings to extractions.

In addition, we house a cutting-edge surgical suite where our expert veterinarians undertake various procedures with a high degree of care, precision and expertise. We provide in-house ultrasound, X-ray, and pathology services for quicker diagnostics.

Animal Acupuncture – Animal Hospital Near Collingwood

At 313Vets, we care about the community and do what we can to help pet owners. Starting each April, we run 'Acupuncture April' to advocate this treatment approach for pets.

Animal acupuncture helps to manage multiple conditions in our beloved pets, such as muscle soreness, and strained muscles, and relieving stress.

This lets pet owners witness the benefits firsthand and contributes to supplementing the national swimming competition program for ICA Swim Club.

Why Choose 313Vets for Vet Services Near Collingwood?

Choosing 313Vets means choosing care and professionalism for your furry family member. Here's why:

  • We provide a stress-free environment to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Our team comprises two experienced veterinarians and vet nurses to support your pet.
  • We provide comprehensive services, ensuring your pet's needs are met under one roof.
  • We offer home visits to ensure your pet gets the necessary care in the comfort of their environment.
  • We are actively involved in animal rescue initiatives and work with several animal rescue groups.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Andrea, contact us at (03) 9813 4755 or use our online booking service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vet Near Collingwood

313Vets in Collingwood provides comprehensive veterinary services, including routine health checks, vaccinations, dental care, and surgery. We also offer innovative treatments like animal acupuncture and have in-house diagnostic services like ultrasound, X-ray, and pathology.

313Vets, located in Hawthorn East, is a leading animal hospital near Collingwood. We provide high-quality veterinary care with a range of services from preventative healthcare to complex surgical procedures.

Yes, 313Vets blends conventional medicine with alternative therapies. We use animal acupuncture to manage a variety of conditions in pets, including muscle soreness, musculoskeletal problems, stress, and promoting overall well being.

Yes, 313Vets is an active community member involved in environmental sustainability as a member of Vets For Climate Action. We also work with animal rescue groups offering discounted services to help in rehoming animals responsibly.

Choosing 313Vets ensures your pet receives utmost care from highly trained and experienced veterinarians in a fear-free and stress-free environment. We offer home visits and are actively involved in animal rescue initiatives. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services, ensuring all your pet's needs are met.

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