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Are you stressing about your pets' health and wellbeing? At 313Vets, we pride ourselves on being the leading Veterinary Clinic supporting pet owners near Camberwell, Burnley, Canterbury, and surrounding areas.

We understand your pet's well-being, and owner and head veterinarian Dr Andrea Kimbler always delivers vet services with compassion. Whether you need comprehensive pet healthcare, advanced surgical procedures, and regular wellness check-ups.

Choosing our vet in Hawthorn East means choosing the best possible care for your furry family member.

Ultrasound, X-ray & In House Pathology

Comprehensive Veterinary Services at Our Animal Hospital Near Camberwell

At our vet supporting pet owners near Camberwell, we assist with routine check-ups, vaccinations, desexing surgeries to dental care.

During routine check up visits, our skilled team carries out thorough examinations, vaccinations and parasite control treatments.

Our veterinarians and nursing assistants at our animal hospital are experienced in various surgical procedures. Whether your pet requires minor surgery or an intricate procedure, rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Good dental hygiene in pets is often overlooked but it's essential for their overall health. At our vet near Camberwell, we offer comprehensive dental care including regular check-ups, cleaning and tooth extractions.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing Facilities

Our vet clinic near Camberwell is equipped with comprehensive testing facilities. Our in-house pathology, ultrasound, and x-ray technologies allow us to provide quick and accurate diagnosis for your pets.

In addition to these testing services, 313Vets also offers animal acupuncture. This form of treatment aids in managing pain, alleviating muscle soreness and assisting with a variety of other health conditions. In our commitment to promoting alternative treatments, we dedicate every April to 'Acupuncture April,' offering a free session to all pets accordingly.

Animal Hospital Camberwell – Veterinary Care Services

Our Animal Hospital near Camberwell extends additional services to aid in your pet’s healing process.

We offer hospital care for pets in need of intensive recovery, as well as palliative care for older pets. We are committed to ensuring they receive the best medical care and the utmost comfort during all their life stages.

Spaying and neutering are crucial procedures that control pet overpopulation and prevent potential health issues. These surgeries are performed by our experienced veterinary surgeons with great care and proficiency.

Why Choose 313Vets As Your Vet Near Camberwell?

When compared to other vet clinics near Camberwell, why should you choose us for quality care for your pet? There are many reasons why!

  • We provide a peaceful and relaxed environment for your pet.
  • Our highly-qualified team boasts years of experience.
  • We offer home visit services for those pets that prefer to be treated in comfortable environments.
  • 313Vets is a proud member of the VFCA (Vets For Climate Action), showcasing our commitment to the environment.
  • We are passionate believers in community engagement and animal rescue, often working with various animal rescue groups.

Vet Near Camberwell – Contact Us Today

Ready to provide your pet with the highest quality care? Contact us on 03 9813 4755 or schedule an appointment online.

At 313Vets, not only is your pet treated like a patient but also as a part of our family. Our dedicated team is readily available to answer your queries and assist in keeping your pet living its best life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vet Near Camberwell

313Vets provides comprehensive pet healthcare including routine check-ups, vaccinations, desexing surgeries, dental care, and advanced surgical procedures. Our animal hospital near Camberwell also offers advanced diagnostic testing and additional vet care services like hospital care and palliative care.

Choosing 313Vets means your pet will receive the highest quality care in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Our experienced team provides home visit services, is a proud member of VFCA (Vets For Climate Action), and supports community engagement and animal rescue.

Yes, our 313Vets clinic offers animal acupuncture, an effective treatment for managing pain, alleviating muscle soreness, and treating various health conditions.

Yes, maintaining good dental hygiene in pets is vital, and we offer comprehensive dental care services including regular check-ups, cleaning, and tooth extractions.

Yes, at 313Vets we provide palliative care for older pets ensuring they receive the best medical care and the utmost comfort during the final stages of their life.

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