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Are you stressing about your furry friend? Whatever your concerns, we provide top-rated veterinary services that reflect premium, comprehensive, and personalised care for your pets.

We ensure easy access to superior vet care facilities for your four-legged companions.

After all, we always open our doors to all clients!

Ultrasound, X-ray & In House Pathology

Animal Hospital Malvern

At 313Vets, we leverage the latest diagnostic technology to deliver fast and accurate diagnoses for better treatment outcomes.

Using the latest radiology technology such as X-ray and ultrasound enables us to accurately diagnose a broad range of conditions without causing any distress to your pets.

Beyond conventional treatments and therapies, we also offer veterinary acupuncture for various conditions. This practice can bring remarkable relief to pets suffering from various chronic conditions.

Animal Hospital Near Malvern – Quality Veterinary Care

Every pet that comes into our hospital is treated like family. We offer intensive post-operative care for pets who have undergone surgery.

Additionally, we ensure senior pets and those with chronic illnesses live their last days in peace and dignity with our compassionate palliative care services.

Likewise, our veterinary team strongly advocates spaying and neutering pets to reduce overpopulation and prevent health issues related to reproduction. We ensure that all procedures are conducted with care.

Why Choose 313Vet for Vet Care Near Malvern?

Whether you’re based near Prahran, Richmond, or surrounding areas, why should pet owners trust 313Vets for their pets' health and well-being?

  • We offer home visits, letting us provide care to your pets in the comfort of their familiar environment.
  • Our extensive array of services covers preventive to palliative care, affording your pets continuity of care throughout their lives.
  • We have the latest diagnostic facilities to ensure rapid, accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.
  • Our exceptional in-house team is committed to delivering high-quality, personalised care to every pet.
  • We actively engage in community work, partnering with animal rescues and offering discounted services.

Vet Near Malvern – Contact 313Vets Today

Don’t compromise on your pet’s health. Give your furry friend the quality care they deserve and  contact us at 03 9813 4755. We make your pet’s health our priority.

Put your pet's care in our trusted hands and experience the high-quality, compassionate veterinary care that sets us apart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vet Malvern in Animal Hospital Near Malvern

313Vet provides a wide range of services, including regular health checks, advanced surgical procedures, and dental care. We also emphasise preventive health and offer advanced diagnostic facilities.

You can schedule an appointment at 313 Vet in Malvern by visiting our online platform or by contacting us at 03 9813 4755. We prioritise your pet's health, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

Yes, 313Vets does offer home visits. This allows us to provide care in the comfort of your pet's own environment, reducing stress and maximising their comfort during medical procedures.

At our animal hospital near Malvern, we use advanced diagnostic technology that includes in-house pathology and advanced radiology services. These services allow for rapid, accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

In addition to medical treatments, 313Vet provides a range of services including acupuncture, parasite control, hospital and palliative care, and spaying and neutering. We strive to offer comprehensive care for your pet's all-round well-being.

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